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The largest food company producing, distributing and marketing milk & milk products since last 15 years under the brand name of “Shree Gokulam” with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 75 crores. The company is under the guidance of Vimal Kumar D. Shukla as a Chairman & Managing director sharing their immense knowledge and a vast experience of 35 years. With a vision to make India healthier and more nourished so that all the diary products can reach every corner of our country.

A unique organization is working since 2002, based in Surat, Gujarat. It has firm base created by farmers, managed by competent skilled professionals serving a very competitive and challenging consumer market. Within a short duration of time span the company has excellent potential growth in dairy sector serving people with benchmark quality of dairy products. It is a true testimony of synergistic national development through the practice of modern management methods.

A S.S.I. unit, registered with district Industries Center – Surat and nationalized bank has given fund assistance to the company for increasing the dairy milk process/ production with all quality to meet the growing demands of market. Company is in the expansion phase and admits to become the fastest growing organisation in dairy products.

The company is in the line of Processing/ Production/ Quality/ Inspection of dairy plant under FSSAI Lic. NO. 10016021002347 of Milk & Butter milk since last 15 years.

The material (raw chilled milk) received directly from farmers go for processing by fully automatic machinery and well experienced, trained and skilled staff help in maintaining high quality Process/ Production with minimal contamination as well as delivery schedule with complete customer satisfaction as per terms & conditions.

The company has a wide aim to become the pride of India and believes in giving nature back what it takes from nature. Committed to provide energy boosted Nation with excellent quality dairy products for all within the reach of all.